Social sponsorships

1+1 >2 Vincles que sumen

El Ministeri d’Afers Socials va estrenar el dia 6 de novembre a la sala polivalent del Prat del Roure el documental 1+1 >2 Vincles que sumen. Aquest documental presenta la figura de l’assistent personal i què suposa per a les persones amb discapacitat d’una manera didàctica. El documental es pot visualitzar amb àudio a través d’una aplicació per a les persones amb discapacitat visual.

Cooperation agreement with the Meritxell Special Education School

Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, and Pilar Díez, President of the Governing Board of the Trust of the Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Special Education School, sign an agreement to formalise the relationship between the two entities. The partnership began in 2015 and was reinforced in 2016 with the signing of an agreement, whose chief aim is to reinforce the links between the telecommunications operator and the Trust.

Measurement of electromagnetic fields at schools

Andorra Telecom and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education are monitoring the electromagnetic fields at all schools, with results well below the permitted thresholds. The telecommunications operator runs a system to control electromagnetic radiation throughout the territory, which can be viewed in real time at This system allows it to view the ten permanent probes, which are distributed across the most populated areas, and see the specific measurements at about eighty additional points, among them all the schools.

Specialisterne Workshop

The work begun with special needs groups in terms of communication saw its first fruits in 2016. The Julià Reig Foundation and Andorra Telecom have held a seminar aimed at health care and social service professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and instructors from the Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Special Education School. The training also involved the participation of organisations within the country which provide services for people with functional diversity. The aim of the seminar was to provide tools to detect Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders in people.

Andorra Telecom supports three SAC dubbing workshops

The Societat Andorrana de Ciències - SAC (Andorran Science Society) receives support from Andorra Telecom for the organisation of three dubbing workshops conducted by the specialist Francesc Fenollosa Ten. Andorra Telecom’s sponsorship forms part of the support provided by the telecommunications company for activities related to communication and the generation of audiovisual content.

Donation of 10,004 euros to the NGO Platform in support of Syrian refugees

The aid campaign for refugees from the conflict in Syria, launched by the NGO Platform of Andorra and Andorra Telecom in April, has come to an end with 10,004 euros raised. The operator provided them with a charity phone number, 141, raising a total of 5,002 euros from the telephone calls, and matching the same amount with a supplementary donation to carry out initiatives to help the victims of the serious humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Andorra Telecom and UNICEF strengthen their cooperation

Andorra Telecom and the Andorran UNICEF Committee sign a cooperation agreement to strengthen the links between the two entities. In the document Andorra Telecom expresses its desire to support UNICEF’s activity by providing its services for the development of its programmes. In this sense, the agreement envisions the assignment of the number 606 for the SMS Premium service and the 120 telephone number. Similarly, it undertakes to participate in the circulation of UNICEF’s appeals via the entity’s usual means of communication, to study its participation in other awareness activities and to raise funds among its employees and customers.

Business sponsorships

9è congrés mundial de turisme de muntanya

Andorra Telecom ha esdevingut partner tecnològic del 9è Congrés Mundial de Turisme de Muntanya, celebrat a Sant Julià de Lòria de l’1 al 4 de març de 2016. Aquest esdeveniment promociona una visió general del potencial de les destinacions de muntanya per crear valor afegit mitjançant el turisme d’esport i aventura, dos segments que presenten una excel•lent oportunitat per crear una nova estratègia enfocada al turisme durant tot l’any.