Customer service

Opening of the new commercial agency and extension of the hours of attention

Andorra Telecom inaugurated in September 2016 a new commercial agency, located at number 2 on the Prat de la Creu street, next to Plaça de la Rotonda. The transfer is due to the construction project of the The Cloud building and has been done in a single day without interruption of the customer service.

The selected premises are ideal for its central location, with parking areas a few meters away and close to the previous agency, with the aim of minimizing the inconvenience for the client.

In parallel with the opening of the new premises and with the desire to provide a better service, customer service is extended on Saturdays with a schedule between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Also, the attention offered on Saturdays in the afternoon between 16 and 20 hours has been improved, increasing the efforts that can be made at the desk of fast procedures.

More than 280,000 inquiries given to the agency or the telephone service

The customer relations department has attended more than 282,721 consultations during 2016, either through the telephone answering service or on-site consultations with the agency.

In total, the call center (CAT) attended a total of 218,043 calls, which represents a monthly average of 18,170 calls. The last quarter of the year was the period of greatest concentration, with the tips of the months of December (22,390 consultations), November (20,772 consultations) and October (20,626 inquiries).

Regarding the rates of waiting time, the results are also very satisfactory, with 75.4% of the calls with a response time of less than twenty seconds.

The commercial agency has also attended a high number of clients. A total of 64,678 people conducted their inquiries or inquiries in person, with an average of 5,390 monthly inquiries.

The constant flow of customers has been reconciled with a low-key waiting time, which, on average, has been at 2:41 minutes. The months with the greatest activity were in December (7,190 clients), in November (6,243 clients) and in August (5,533 clients).

A specific area of ​​customer experience

Andorra Telecom has begun by the end of 2016 a new project aimed at improving the client experience. The first step has been the organizational change with the creation of a specific area of ​​client experience that is directly dependent on management and that provides a transversal service throughout the organization.

This new organization will go hand in hand with the process of managing cultural change that will allow, during 2017, to promote its strategies in order to define a fully focused and customer-oriented business model.

In order to build these strategies, Andorra Telecom intends to work in depth on the basic pillars of client experience: customer awareness, reflection on the multi-channel strategy, optimal experience management and its measurement models. This will allow us to convert the customer experience into a competitive advantage that ensures us the leadership positioning of Andorra Telecom.

Systems and services

The year 2016 has been a key year from the point of view of the technological renewal of the company. There have been essential changes in several services: fixed telephony, access to the Internet and renewal of the active network, at the same time that a great milestone has been achieved, such as the extinguishing of copper.

Throughout this intense year, the change of the fixed telephony center, the aggregation of services to the Internet and most of the IP NGN transport network has been carried out, changes aimed at improving the solidity and stability of essential services.

In parallel, the main technological change of the last luster has been prepared: the renewal of the active network, which includes devices at the home of customers (the ONT and the terminals that give them service, OLT). This change is carried out throughout 2017 and represents a qualitative leap in the speed and reliability of the universal service of the broadband Internet service, as well as allowing new services.

The commitment to the multiple possibilities offered by optical fiber has been simultaneous to the process of progressive removal of copper, which has taken place in two phases. On June 30th, the blackout occurred in the central parishes of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany and on December 31 in the rest of the country. With this process, Andorra becomes one of the world's pioneers, and this would not have been possible without the complicity of the company's customers.

The renovation of facilities has been accompanied by the investment in internal and external connectivity. At the level of the physical network, the total deployment of the fiber path between Andorra and Pas de la Casa has been achieved, through Grau-Roig, Els Cortals d'Encamp, Engolasters and La Comella. The international interconnection capabilities have multiplied with duplication with the link with the Open Network of Catalonia to our point of presence in Barcelona.

The network of roaming agreements in LTE has also been expanded while continuing to deploy the 4G-LTE network with a speed of up to 300 MBps and densifying the 3G network to cope with the almost exponential increase in traffic Data by both your own customers and visitors.

The company has focused a lot of its efforts on the security of our networks and IP services to respond to the needs of our customers and guarantee the continuity of the service in the face of possible attacks.

The building process of the The Cloud building, a multipurpose building that will transform and energize the center of Andorra la Vella, has gone its way with the total deconstruction of the old fire brigade and the interiors of the former headquarters Commercial, located at 112 from Avinguda Meritxell.