Composition of the board of directors


M.I. Sr Jordi Alcobé Font

Ministre d’Administració Pública, Transports i Telecomunicacions


Sr. Jordi Cinca Mateos

Ministre de Finances

Sr. Josep Maria Missé Cortina

Secretari d’Estat per la diversificació econòmica

Sr. Jordi Nadal Bentadé

Director general d’Andorra Telecom

Sr. Antoni Ambatlle Martín

Secretari general d’Andorra Telecom
Director del departament de Negoci d’Andorra Telecom

Sr. Joan Marc Lauga Courtil

Director Tècnic d’Andorra Telecom

Sr. Cèsar Marquina Pérez de la Cruz

Responsable de Gestió de Risc d’Andorra Telecom

Sr. Santiago Argelich Hesse

Conseller independent


2016 was the year of the great achievements of Andorra Telecom. On December 31, culminating the blackout of copper that converted Andorra into the first 100% digital country. This ended with a long process begun in 2006 with the deployment of optical fiber throughout the territory at 100 MBps and that had a first major reference in the blackout of ADSL in 2014.

From the financial point of view, it has also been a record year. The year ended with a turnover of 104 million and profits of 37.8 million, results that show the good behavior of the calls for roaming calls for tourists in Andorra. The progressive adaptation to the new Community regulatory framework through agreements with major foreign operators will reduce the volume of roaming revenues that, in the coming years, will continue to have an important role in billing.

The diversification policy designed to offset the fall of roaming progresses with steady steps. The Contact Center ESPIC, created jointly with the Spanish company MST, has begun operating in February, with a portfolio of national and international clients, and closes its first year with benefits. In addition, we have successfully closed the first major international operation such as the acquisition of 2.69% of the shares of Másmóvil, the fourth Spanish mobile telephone operator, for an amount of 10.5 million euros. The operation not only allows to establish interesting synergies between the two companies, but also is an excellent financial opportunity.

The launch of Som Cloud, the first national cloud, is the beginning of a new line of activity at the same time that responds to the need to have a storage service in Andorran territory. From the perspective of public responsibility, the year has ended with the launch of the first incubator / accelerator company in La Massana, the NIU, a project aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and start- technological ups

Andorra Telecom has prioritized this 2016 the reduction of the roaming price for our customers. In July, the new offer for almost all countries of the European Union and Switzerland, which represented a reduction of between 95% and 99% of the price, is now € 0.05 per megabyte. The discount in the case of telephony was 30% and 20% for SMS. The offer was subsequently complemented with the Roaming Pass for Spain, the main destination of our clients, which offers 100 MB per day for 1.5 euros and for the same price, 60 minutes for roaming calls.

Our service platforms have also been subject to significant renovations throughout the year with the replacement of the landline of fixed telephony and of the aggregator of Internet services. In addition, the 4G has continued to expand, which has achieved the coverage of the main inhabited centers, where 92% of customers are concentrated. In total 23.8 million euros were invested, 22.9% of turnover, a ratio well above the industry average. Throughout the year, they have also laid the foundations for the renewal of the active fiber optic network, with the design and award of the project, one of the most ambitious of the company, to be developed in 2017.

We want to point out that 2016 has also been the year of the impulse of the new The Cloud building, which will transform the urban center of Andorra la Vella urbanistically and it will become a new center of attraction. The decommissioning of the old fire brigade and the building of the company has begun and the new commercial agency on the Prat de la Creu street has opened its doors.

Process Management

In the field of processes, this year 2016 we have focused our activity on the continuous improvement of the procedures, the creation of new procedures and the preparation for the reengineering of processes that will be carried out next 2017.

This exercise has also begun the process towards the certification of Integrated Management Systems, focusing efforts on obtaining ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certifications, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental and OHSAS 18001 Safety and Health at Work , which are added to the certification obtained in 2015 of Security ISO 27001.

In the field of intelligence and data processing, in 2016 we have focused our efforts on providing the company with process-oriented command boxes with the objective of having indicators to enhance continuous improvement.

In addition, in 2016 it has served to develop and implement the analytical accounting tool that allows to accelerate the decision making oriented to costs and margins as a tool of strategic control.

Cultural Change

The People Management Department has promoted one of the major business projects with the aim of preparing the organization and its employees for the future challenges. The conductive threads of this process are:

-Power the client as a central part of the processes
-agility and digitization of the organization
-positioning Andorra Telecom as a referent company in attracting and retaining talent

The project for cultural change is markedly collaborative with the participation of the workers of the company to align the entire organization and have those responsible to become active agents of the change.

This project, started in 2016, has a long journey in time and goes well beyond the completion date, by the end of 2018, to face a process of change and permanent improvement.

In terms of labor relations, an important step has been achieved with the regularization of some 70 people that provided their services through temporary employment companies and who have been fully integrated into the organization.