The company's first incubator / accelerator company opens its doors to the Los Arcs de la Massana building at the end of 2016. It is an initiative of Andorra Telecom that aims to create a favorable environment for the creation and growth of technological start-ups that contribute to the economic diversification of the country.

The NIU offers the support of Andorra Telecom and mentors and collaborators to ensure the success of the company. The facilities have a total of eighteen work areas, three meeting rooms and several common areas.
The project is divided into a first phase of incubation for the maturation of the initiative, which culminates in the creation of the company; and a second phase of acceleration, in which the search of financing begins. The next step is to start marketing, which can lead to a new round of investment, and finally the company already in full operation comes out of the NIU.


The first major project of the Andorra Telecom diversification policy became reality in February 2016. It is the contact center Espic, an international customer service center that offers services to local and foreign companies.
Espic, located in the Los Arcs de la Massana building, is the result of the alliance of Andorra Telecom and the Spanish company MST Holding (Medios y Servicios Telemáticos, SA). The company closes the first year of operation with a portfolio of clients that includes multinationals such as the manufacturer of D-link computer components or the Indo optics and a staff of 47 workers that offer services in six languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Italian.
The first ten months of activity also clash with good economic results. The business figure scrubbed the 600,000 euros, with a profit of 49,000 euros.


The modification of the Andorra Telecom Law allows the internationalization of the company's activity. The first operation is the entry into the capital of MásMóvil, the fourth Spanish mobile operator. The investment is 10.5 million euros that allow the acquisition of 2.7 percent of the company's shares within the capital increase operation of the company worth 159 million euros to finance the purchase of Yoigo and Pepe Phone operators.

The strategic map of the company, presented to the legislative committee of Land Use Planning of the General Council, already provided for the entry into the capital of a foreign operator. The board of directors and the management of Andorra Telecom evaluated the financial opportunity that represented the capital increase of MásMóvil.
The fourth Spanish operator has 4.3 million customers and has a 10.5 percent share of the residential mobile market and a turnover exceeding 1,000 million euros.